Intel Entering Graphics Card Industry Will Challenge NVIDIA

Today, at the Fortune magazine’s Fortune Global Conference, Intel’s CEO Sirrick Bo announced the company entry to Intel’s relevant layout in the field of the dedicated graphics card industry. Intel entering graphics card industry will challenge NVIDA. However, he also mention that Intel is ready to further advance with NVIDIA in some regions of Cooperation.

Right now, there’s deep cooperation between Intel and NVIDA, due to their common rival in their field of expertise – AMD. So collaboration between NVIDIA and Intel is nothing new. However, soon this cooperation will be broken as Intel announced high-profile entry the independent graphics market.

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According to the sources, Intel is planning to launch its first Xe graphics card in 2020. It means that the graphics card industry will see a new player in competition with NVIDA and AMD. Moreover, with the Xe graphics cards, the company is also planning to introduce Xe accelerator cards, with Xeon products in the server field. It is going to bring a big change and also significantly increase the computing power of the server market.

In response to Intel entering graphics card industry, we don’t know if NVIDIA also planning to introduce a PC processor.

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