RedmiBook 2020

New RedmiBook 2020 To Come With 65W Mini Power Adapter

The new RedmiBook product will be officially released tomorrow. But today, ahead of launch, Lu Weibing brought good news. It turns out the new RedmiBook 2020 will come with a 65W mini power adapter as standard, saying goodbye to the heavy charger.

Judging from the promo poster, the power adapter of this notebook is about the same size as the charging head of the smartphone. The back uses the Type-C interface, and the other end must also be the Type-C interface.

And this charging adapter uses a foldable design. So it can be carried in the pocket.

The company also said the laptop will stay alive for 12 hours on a single charge. And it can be charged to 50% in 38 minutes.

According to the previous news, the new RedmiBook 2020 will use a new generation of AMD Ruilong 4000 series processors. They integrate the outstanding Zen 2 architecture and the mature Vega GPU. Also, they reconstruct the peripheral I / O, power supply, etc. In the 15W TDP limit, 8 CPU cores with high-threading characteristics and high-frequency GPU units were inserted. It improves overall performance by 60%. This laptop supports three CPU mode switching, and is equipped with a professional tuning cooling system. It uses large-size fans + coarse heat pipes.

The new product will also use a 16.1-inch display, adopting an ultra-narrow bezel design. The bezel is only 3.26mm. So the screen ratio can reach 90%.

The company has said that the RedmiBook 16’s screen is very good. Due to the 100% sRGB wide color gamut, the displayed colors are fuller and more vivid.

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