New Thin And Light Notebook From Lenovo: Yangtian S550

The first product Lenovo will bring to us this year is the Lenovo Yangtian S550 with “double strength”. Yangtian S550 insists on three sides adopting high-quality alloy materials. Lenovo Yangtian S550 screen is 14 inches. The resolution is FHD and has a 4.25 mm narrow border design. The thickness of the fuselage is about 15.9mm, which is relatively thin. The rounded corners have a good feel. Through the shaft joints and other places, you can see the Lenovo Yangtian series has always been good workmanship. It weighs only 1.5kg. The color of the body is silver-gray. The design is quite simple. The notebook features fingerprint recognition and unlocks in 2 seconds.

Lenovo Yangtian S550 uses a full-screen keyboard. It also has two levels of backlight. The touchpad surface is also covered with glass material.

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In terms of core configuration, the Lenovo Yangtian S550 sports Ryzen 5 3500U processor. That improves performance by 10%. The notebook also sports nuclear display Radeon Vega Graphics to meet the configuration requirements of mainstream online games.

Lenovo Yangtian S550

Super functions of the Yangtian S550

Compared with ordinary office notebooks, the “double strength” of the new Yangtian S550 is reflected in all aspects. Everyone has heard the case where the cooling system has caused the entire computer system to cool. The S550 has a built-in dual fan to dissipate the heat. The heat is eliminated in time for a long time without frequency reduction. The cooling system balances the load of a single fan with a lower speed and quieter. So, it provides three modes: quiet mode, balanced mode, and high-performance mode. In high-performance mode, the processor and graphics card performance is fully released. It is suitable for high-load scenarios such as high-load office and large-scale games.. You can switch Fn + Q by only using one button.

What’s more important, the notebook sports a 50Whr battery. The office said that it will be 80% full in 1 hour when it is turned off.

Don’t forget that its starting price is only 3499 yuan ($490).


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