Nokia PureBook

Nokia PureBook Notebooks With Core i3 and Core i5 Are On The Way

According to NoteBookCheck, Nokia will launch nine laptop models under the PureBook sub-brand exclusively in India by Flipkart. The announcement shows that the Nokia PureBook notebooks are thin, powerful, and immersive.

The Nokia PureBook notebooks have already passed the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification. These models are:

  • NKi510UL85S
  • NKi510UL82S
  • NKi510UL810S
  • NKi510UL165S
  • NKi510UL1610S
  • NKi310UL82S
  • NKi310UL85S
  • NKi310UL42S
  • NKi310UL41S

Although we do not have enough information about the upcoming laptops, some specifications are available. Thus, the NKi510UL82S model will probably sport an Intel Core i5 10th gen processor with 8GB of RAM. On the other hand, 5 of the notebooks may be equipped with Core i5 (two with 16 GB and three with 8GB RAMs). Furthermore, three other versions will be Core i3 models (two with 4GB and one with 8GB memory options). What is exactly similar in the laptops is that they supplement a 14-inch Dolby Vision display, and weigh about 1.1 kg.

Nokia focused on laptops after launching smart TVs in India. The TVs are currently under restrictions in India and certain countries in the EU. Hence, we may face the same situation for Nokia laptops. According to reports, it is not clear when Nokia PureBooks will be available in the Indian market, but it is obvious that they will come with limited numbers.

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