Samsung Star Laptop Series Launched

Samsung Electronics recently held a brand-new laptop tasting in Beijing. Layout and usage of workplace scenes. At the tasting, Samsung Electronics introduces the Samsung laptop star series. The notebooks are available in 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch variant.

The Samsung laptop star has a new layout, which is much more angular than the preceding nine series. The general design is more streamlined. The outer casing is made from aluminium and has a metallic feel. Its body is thin and light. The 13.3-inch variant has a body depth of 13.7mm. The weight is 1.29Kg; the 15.6-inch version has a fuselage thickness of 15.9mm and a weight of 1.79Kg.

The screen section adopts an ultra-narrow bezel design. The 13.3-inch variant has a display ratio of 80.6%, both the left and right surfaces of the framework are 6.97 mm. As for the 15.6-inch variant, it has a display ratio of 83.5%, and the left and right surfaces of the framework are 7.07 mm. Additionally, the Samsung laptop star utilizes a complete HD PLS screen, the 13.3-inch variant of this maximum brightness of around 300 nits, as well as the 15.6-inch variant of the maximum brightness of about 275 nits. Its 170 degrees of viewing angle additionally enhances the visual impact.

Samsung laptop star

▲ Three Stars Yao notebook

Concerning functionality, the Samsung laptop star has embraced the performance-enhanced variant of the eighth-generation Core i5/i7 chip. The 15.6-inch variation includes an NVIDIA GeForce MX250 graphics card using 2GB of GDDR5 memory for enhanced video editing, making, colour grading, as well as modelling. It’s also comes equip with Dolby panoramic audio to make stereo audio. It’s worth mentioning the Samsung laptop star 15.6-inch variant is equip with two SSD slots, which makes it easier to extend the storage area.

Samsung laptop star

▲ keyboard and trackpad fine-tuning

Along with this, there are several alterations to the computer keyboard and touchpad. The Samsung Notebook star has embraced a brand-new grid keyboard. The buttons tend to be bigger, the spacing between the keyboards becomes less, and the keystrokes are comfy. The 15.6-inch version has a 120 mm long, 82 mm wide touchpad that’s roughly 19% bigger than the prior generation. The accuracy of the touchpad is also improved over the preceding generation.

The tasting also stipulates the forthcoming white snow shade of the forthcoming Star Pro, which follows the preceding configuration of the Windsor Blue Edition. It’s also light and mobile, with a maximum 360° flip screen and built-in”New Generation S Pen”.

Shen Zhenguo, the Samsung electronics product engineer at Suzhou, conveyed with all the press that:”Each Samsung laptop has undergone rigorous testing and expects to deliver the ideal product experience to customers.”

According to the reports along with this series’s StarPen Pen Pro laptop, Samsung laptop star show products are recorded. The i5 variation 13.3-inch laptop star with a price of $1000, i5 version 15.6 inch star laptop cost of $1235.

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