Tbao T15 15.5 inch Portable Touch Screen Monitor Review

Tbao T15 is a portable touchscreen monitor ready to assist you on all occasions. The company has given it a wide surface to be a great travelling companion and compatible with multiple devices. Furthermore, the 15.6-inch touchscreen provides fantastic gaming and video experience that you can’t forget easily.

The electronic industry equipped many of the independent touchscreens for years. Therefore, Tbao T15 portable Touchscreen Monitor is not a new invention. However, it an advanced machine based on the old algorithms. The company is presenting it with a modern and sleek stylish outlook and elegant body to cater to your daily needs in a professional way.

When it comes to the basic functionality, the Tbao T15 portable Monitor is perfect to use for home and office work. It will hold your business meeting concepts and provides thorough assistance while travelling.

The 15.6-inch full HD IPS touchscreen display is great to demonstrate all of its capabilities. While connecting it to your laptop, smartphone, the second monitor will impart a fabulous feeling to handle dual-projects simultaneously.

Moreover, the Tbao T15 Monitor is a USB monitor to facilitate you to engage with your other devices easily. You can cast your laptop or smartphone screen on this monitor for bigger and sharp view. Therefore, it helps to reduce the boredom of long journeys and entertain you for a long time.

By the power storage, Tbao T15 Touchscreen Monitor includes a 3000 mAh battery to let you enjoy videos or gaming for 3 hours continuously.

Nevertheless, the Tbao T15 portable Touchscreen Monitor is a combined tool with advanced features. You will get overall display solutions in this pack that is even at an affordable price tag.

Tbao T15 portable Touchscreen Monitor: Features and Specifications

Whenever we come across a need of independent display in our daily life, we start probing the top brand in the market. It is good to go with the reputed and trustful brand, but we shouldn’t ignore the quality and the features we need against the price.

That’s what we can expect from the Tbao T15 portable Touchscreen Monitor. It will let you embark your journey towards the product you need for daily chores.

tbao t15

In the following text, we will evoke you to the features of the Tbao T15 Monitor with review details. No doubt, the company needs to go a long way to compete with the established brands, but if we consider our priority, it could be an excellent choice to deal with a daily routine.

Colour and Design

The Tbao T15 portable Touchscreen Monitor comes with an elegant design drafted with the Black colour skin and metal wire drawing. The machine is touchscreen display with the 15.6-inch size and 5 mm narrow frame to give you wider space to work.

Moreover, there are multiple ports out there on both of the sides of the screen. You have complete access to gaming console with a mini HDMI port, Type-C port for Mobile and charging plug along with the micro USB port to attach mouse and keyboard.

tbao t15

Furthermore, the T15 Touchscreen Monitor adopts standalone feature with a leather case in the backside. It provides support to the system to use the screen in 3 different modes. On the bottom left-hand side, there are 3 control buttons. You can use them manually to operate your device.

Internally, the Tbao T15 Touchscreen Monitor contains speakers to serve you with excellent sound quality and audio experience. This will double your excitement while playing games etc.

Similarly, the system includes a 3000 mAh battery to provide continues energy to the screen. As far as the physique is concerned, the Tbao T15 measures 35.60×22.40×0.90 cm and the weight is 950g.


Now, we are about to discuss the prominent feature, which the system is made for. The Tbao T15 Monitor equips a 15.6-inch full HD IPS touchscreen display. It is a wider surface to conduct high-end gaming and video playing smoothly.

The screen of the Tbao T15 is covered with just 5 mm border to provide you with enough space. The company has compiled useful tactics to decorate the screen with advanced parameters. It gives 1920×1080 pixels screen resolution along with 72% colour gamut.

tbao t15

Moving further, the Tbao T15 portable Monitor has 178-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle. Similarly, the contrast ratio is 800:1, the aspect ratio is 16:9 and the response time is 30 m/s.

Sometimes, we use a machine for different purposes. During the day time, we need more brightness to see precise data on the screen. The Tbao T15 provides 250cd brightness per square meter.

Further, it uses LED-backlit display technology to enrich your video watching and gaming experience far.

As long as the screen voltage is concerned, the Tbao T15 portable Touchscreen has 3.3V power. Sadly, the Tbao T15 doesn’t support 3D pictures. Similarly, it also lacks the memory capacity to store data independently.

Hence, the Tbao T15 portable Touchscreen Monitor is exceptional at the screen to present your data or content on a bigger platform.


As the Tbao T15 portable Touchscreen Monitor has no inbuilt operating system, the company has built with full compatibility with almost all of the computer devices.

Whether it is an Android/IOS/windows smartphone, a laptop, a Mac, a tablet, a USB pen drive, or any other, it supports all with full compatibility.

Today, we have USB devices like pen drive, OTG etc. So, with the Tbao T15 Monitor, we are free to use any of them to explore our data.

tbao t15

While you are on travelling, you can carry it with you and enjoy your smartphone data and screen on it. You can also enjoy movies and video songs on your pen drive by connecting with it.

For wireless connectivity, the Tbao T15 Monitor doesn’t have a Bluetooth and WIFI service. You have to manage with the physical ports.

For gaming, the Tbao T15 portable Monitor also has a place to connect different gaming consoles and gadgets. You can play high-resolution games free of mind and enjoy a 3D-like experience with your favourite game.

tbao t15

Therefore, the users can enjoy a wide range of compatible options of the Tbao T15 portable Touchscreen Monitor. It will not allow you to look for the second device to access your data.

Travel Companion

Like laptops and tablets, the Tbao T15 portable Touchscreen Monitor is also carryable on travelling. In fact, it is a worthy solution to take it with you on tour and prevent boredom of the long journey.

tbao t15

The tiny and compact size allows you to enjoy every moment of your travelling with the Tbao T15 Monitor. You can listen to your favourite songs, watch movies, play your favourite games and do many more to pass your time.

Further, the 15.6-inch screen is quite easy to store in your backpack. Along with, the lightweight approach also provides easy lifting on the way.


Imagine you are watching the movie only with visual pictures and no sound output is there. How do you feel?

The Tbao T15 portable Touchscreen Monitor features inbuilt speakers to make it a full prospect of entertainment.

tbao t15

Therefore, you are liable to enjoy stereo sound quality along with high-definition visual experience.

While watching movies and playing games, the inbuilt speakers will double your joy with quality-rich and clear sound. The company is not offering you the 3.5 mm audio output jack. It can be the biggest drawback of the device.

But the inbuilt speakers are there to overcome that negative aspect. You can play your songs and enjoy the bi-channel stereo sound quality.


If you are paying on a bigger and high-resolution screen, obviously you need a strong power storage capacity to last for more time.

That seems to be true in case of Tbao T15 portable Touchscreen Monitor. It holds a 3000 mAh inbuilt battery, which can serve you for 3 hours continuously.

Correspondingly, the Tbao T15 Monitor is chargeable via an external power adapter. The screen takes the power of 3V and ensures some part for the system and the speakers.

Power storage is a vital segment of any chargeable electronic device. The Tbao T15 is good at power storage and you are set to enjoy a long time video and gaming.

Multiple Ports

To facilitate the users to plug their computer accessories, Tbao T15 portable Touchscreen Monitor contains various types of ports. This feature is really useful when we have a non-window platform along with no storage capacity.

Accordingly, the Tbao T15 Monitor has a mini HDMI port. It will support almost all the gaming consoles with ease. You can enjoy a plug and play feature on this HD screen.

tbao t15

Similarly, the phone has the dual-ports of Type-C. These can be used to plug the charger and the mobile phone etc.

Furthermore, a micro USB port is there to attach an external keyboard or a mouse to fasten the operations.


The Tbao T15 portable Touchscreen Monitor is available on various online shopping platforms. The Gearbest online store is offering this product for $199.99 after a 9% discount. You can hit the link given below to place your order:

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