Microsoft Windows Defender Won The Highest Score Of AV-TEST

According to the latest news coming from Microsoft, its own Microsoft Windows Defender has an active share of 50% on Windows. This report clearly shows the growing trust and popularity of Windows Defender. Until now many people have speculations that Windows Defender Anti-Virus alone is not enough.

Microsoft Windows Defender-1

Windows Defender comes built-in within Windows and enabled by default. However, many users choose to disable it and switch to third-party anti-virus software. With the recent advancements, Windows Defender has been greatly improved, thanks to the recent introduction of Windows 10 systems and regular security patches.

Microsoft Windows Defender recently achieved the highest score in AV-TEST’s independent anti-virus testing. According to the results, Widows Defender is now matching with other third party advanced anti-virus products.

Microsoft Windows DefendeR

It’s important to note that Windows Defender is free. Other third party top anti-virus software require a paid subscription to utilize its full features.

Microsoft said that Windows Defender is running on more than 500 million Windows PCs, and users are using it as a major anti-virus software.

In the past few years, anti-virus or security software has become very crucial due security risks. Recently, Microsoft began to rename Windows Defender to Microsoft Defender on Windows 10. It also launched an anti-virus solution on Apple’s Mac.

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