Mijia electric shaver S300

Mijia Electric Shaver S300 Launched at 99 yuan ($14)

On April 5, the Xiaomi Mi Fan Festival brought a new product – the Mijia electric shaver S300, with a retail price of 99 yuan ($14). It will be available for sale at 0:00 on April 9 at Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Youpin and Tmall.

The Mijia electric shaver S300 uses a 3D floating veneer design. It can be scraped cleanly and smoothly without leaving traces, keeping it fresh at any time.

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The double-layer blade + double-loop knife net provides a faster and cleaner shaving. The side of the head is used for grinding. The double-ring knife net has a larger feed area than the single-ring knife net, and the amount of feed is increased by 50%. The ratio of the inner and outer ring mesh teeth and the number of blades is 1:2. It effectively balances the shaving efficiency of the inner and outer rings. So the shaving is more time-saving.

The Mijia electric shaver S300 body supports IPX7 waterproof as well as wet and dry double shaving. It is more convenient to wash the whole body. On a single charge, it provides 60 days of long battery life. Plus, the shaver has a Type-C interface. So you don’t need to buy/keep a separate charger for it when traveling.

It also supports intelligent anti-mistouch, long press the switch key, you can enter the travel lock lock or unlock state, to avoid the razor in the travel bag from being started by mistake, causing hidden safety hazards.

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