Xiaomi handset patent

New Xiaomi Handset Patent Shows Rotating Camera

According to a report by LETSGODIGITAL, a new smartphone patent document recently filed by Xiaomi has been exposed. It shows a Xiaomi handset with a distinctive rear camera design.

The patent describes a Xiaomi handset with a rotating rear camera module. The user can rotate the rear camera module to the front to take a selfie and use the rest of the screen as a viewfinder. Compared with Samsung’s camera solution, Xiaomi’s solution is much more complicated, However, later Samsung also provided a more complicated smartphone design and launched the Samsung Galaxy A80 with a flip camera module. The advantage of this is that the proportion of the front screen of the phone can reach almost 100%.

The patent was applied by Xiaomi on July 26, 2019.

Obviously, Xiaomi has been in searches for the best smartphone form factor. As you know, it was the first to launch a true-bezel-less smartphone in face of the Mi MIX series. Later in 2019, it introduced a concept phone with a 180-degree surround screen. Although it has not gone on a mass production, we are sure something like that will hit the market in the nearest future.

Apart from this, Xiaomi has invented a few technologies such the under-screen fingerprint, very-fast charging, etc. So it’s not surprising that Xiaomi has filed a patent like this in 2019. But this also doesn’t mean the new Xiaomi handset will be launched. There have been myriads of smartphone patents that had never seen light. 

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