Osmo Responds To Camera Rumors

At the Lingyi 3 communication meeting held in Dajiang, China today. Osmo’s public relations director Xie Weidi revealed that Osmo may launch an entry camera in the future. However, the rumours about high-end products are purely hoax!

Q&A session of Dajiang New Product Launch Conference:

At present, Dajiang has firmly occupied the consumer drone market. In a few short years, Osmo has successfully developed from a challenger to a leader in the drone industry, and its footsteps have not changed in terms of technological innovation. slow. 
From Inspire, Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro and Zenith X7, including Davic Mavic Air and Yu 2 in the past two years, we can clearly see the evolution of Dajiang products.
If you rely on Dajiang itself and the camera is almost suffocating, then after investing in Hasselblad, Dajiang already has a complete camera development technology. 
We can see that from the UAV products in Dajiang to the sports cameras and pockets, Dajiang has enough technical reserves.

However, the market for cameras is too small. Xie Yudi, the public relations director of Dajiang, also clearly pointed out that Osmo will not be involved in the mid-to-high-end market. The entry camera field is the critical consideration of Dajiang.

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