Realme Introduced Bootloader Unlocking Officially, which can Unlock Any Smartphone Device in the Chinese Market

The China-based tech manufacturer Realme has strived innovatively to introduce Bootloader Unlocking system. It is capable of unlocking almost all of the smartphones, which are currently available in the local market. On the micro-blogging website Weibo, a senior Realme executive announced that all domestic smartphone devices are now prone to Bootloader Unlocking. Ultimately, it will make Realme smartphone users available for a higher degree of freedom and control.

In the present era, Android smartphone users need complete control and customized interface. Consequently, these users often prefer Bootloader to unlock their devices to root and flash new custom UI or skin. For the purpose, users had to download and install third-party applications, which may encounter data loss and voidance of official warranties.

But now, the company has officially unlocked its devices, and now users can flash unique, custom and even self-made internal storages. Additionally, smartphone users are also eligible to obtain their handset’s root permissions for performance enhancement.

Now, let’s know the devices compatible with this unlocking feature:

Realme X

Smartphone- Realme X Youth Edition

Realme Q

Realme X2

X2 Pro

Realme X2 Pro Master Edition

Here another important thing to note that only handsets are eligible for this tool, which are bought through official purchase points in China.

Following are some of the keynotes; readers must keep in mind:

Once, unlocking done, users might encounter slight differences in everyday use of their smartphones.

Further, any third-party application or firmware might cause some mal-functions to your device like certain camera features.

Users are advised not to execute unregulated software or firmware. It may cause data loss or leakage.

Similarly, users must keep backup of their smartphone’s data as unlocking activity is simply like the factory reset.

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