Redmi K30

Redmi K30 5G Screen Can Be Experimentally Overclocked From 120Hz To 144Hz

Nowadays, news about the refresh rate of smartphone screens is endless. First of all, OnePlus held a conference today to show the OnePlus’ 120Hz screen refresh rate technology. Later, there was a screenshot of the 144Hz refresh rate of the Nubia Red Devils 5G smartphone. This afternoon, Lu Weibing, the president of Xiaomi Group China and general manager of the Redmi brand, also posted on Weibo, saying “Coincidentally, the Redmi K30 5G version was transferred in the laboratory today to support 144Hz.” Implying that the Redmi K30 (5G Version) may soon usher in an update of the 144Hz screen refresh rate feature.

Redmi K30

We can see from the photo that the Redmi K30 5G has indeed achieved stable operation at a refresh rate of 144Hz. There are no screen anomalies such as splash screens. As a result, this 120Hz refresh rate screen has no technical difficulties in overclocking to 144Hz. For smartphone lovers, overclocking the smartphone screen may not be unfamiliar.

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As early as the introduction of 90Hz screens, there were black technologies that overclocked 60Hz screens to 75Hz or even 85Hz in major forums. However, in the long term, the screen refresh rate is overclocked. Hence, it will also have some damage to the device screen. We still don’t know when this function of overclocking the Redmi K30 5G version screen to 144Hz will be officially released. At the same time, it can be only an additional experimental function for players to chose from.


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