Redmi Router AX5 Supporting WiFi 6 Is Out

Today, Redmi’s first WiFi 6 router, namely the Redmi Router AX5 debuted with a starting price of 229 yuan ($32). The pre-sale will start at 10 am on June 10.

According to the official introduction, the Redmi Router AX5 can download a high-definition movie in 8 seconds at a speed of 1775Mbps, which is 52% faster than the mainstream WiFi 5.

Redmi Router AX5

It has 4 independent signal amplifiers. So the signal strength is increased by 4dB. It should have no fear of passing through the wall, and the theoretical coverage is increased by 50%.

More importantly, Redmi’s first WiFi 6 router AX5 supports Mesh networking, high-speed Internet access throughout the house, and supports mixed networking with Xiaomi routers AX3600 and AX1800.

In terms of specifications, it is equipped with Qualcomm’s 5-core enterprise-class chip. It is based on the latest generation of 14nm process technology and has an independent NPU to achieve hardware-level acceleration.

Redmi Router AX5

NPU is also called an independent network acceleration engine. It can be understood literally. We mean it is a chip specifically used to handle packet forwarding. The main work is to receive the data packet and forward it quickly according to the packet address, just like a courier conveyor belt.

Liu Xinyu, general manager of Xiaomi Group’s Intelligent Hardware Department, said that without an NPU, packet forwarding can also be processed by the CPU. But when the device has a large amount of data, the CPU usage will become high. So this may cause a packet loss, resulting in network unavailability. These specific packet forwarding rules can be referred to NPU processing.

In addition, Redmi Router AX5 is optimized for smart homes and can stably connect 128 devices.

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