Honor Wisdom Official Announcement

On July 26th, the 2019 Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) and Science Revival Festival opened in Guangzhou. President Zhao Ming was invited to attend and delivered a keynote speech entitled “The Wind and the Grass”. Zhao Ming revealed the Honor and wisdom screen heavy news, the official announcement that the Honor wisdom screen will be equipped with Haisi Hongjun 818 smart chip and lifting AI camera two sharp technology, starting the appointment today, released in early August.

Honor Wisdom

From the keynote address of the GMIC summit, Zhao Ming reported that Honor to establish a new group of smart TVs that would accelerate the growth of the conventional TV industry with advanced technologies. In addition, he declared the chip which will be found on the attractiveness of this wise display – Hai Sihong 818 smart processor, this will be the first time that Hai Sihong’s processor has turned into the public’s eyesight,”. Hongjun” has come to be the achievement of Qilin, Barong, Kunpeng, and Shengteng. Following the Tianzhu, etc., the HiSilicon chip household gets the hottest members named following the”national breeze”.

Haisi has gathered many years of engineering buildup within the sphere of screen chips. In 2014, Hess established its very first 4K TV chip. Ever since that time, HiSili was dedicated to building smart screen chips which lead the huge screen area. The Hongjun 818 smart processor declared this time will offer exceptional support for your own Honor and Wisdom display.

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Honor Wisdom

Hongjun 818 intelligent processor computing functionality is powerful, multimedia partitioning capabilities are strong. In movie partitioning, it supports 8K@30fps, 4K@120fps super movie decoding capacity; in images decoding, it supports 64 million pixel picture decoding beforehand, surpassing the maximum pixel of cellular phone. What’s more, in addition, it includes a multi-tasking memory access monitoring technologies that permits bandwidth use to lead the business by over 50%. From the multi-task parallel processing procedure, it may always maintain rapid response and smooth functioning, significantly improving the consumer experience.

Honor Wisdom

The Hongjun 818 smart processor incorporates Histen’s excellent optimization technologies which can bring the ultimate picture quality performance to the Honor and wisdom screen.  It features a magical image quality engine with dynamic image compensation (MEMC), high dynamic range imaging (HDR), super-segmentation (SR), noise reduction (NR), dynamic contrast enhancement (DCI), and automatic color management (ACM). 7 large-quality image quality technologies such as zoning control (LD), improve picture clarity, contrast, and color performance.

Hongjun 818 smart chip computing performance is strong, multimedia decoding capabilities are powerful. In video decoding, it supports 8K@30fps , 4K@120fps super video decoding capability; in graphics decoding, it supports 64 million pixel image decoding ahead of time, exceeding the highest pixel of mobile phone. Moreover, it also has a multi-tasking memory access scheduling technology that enables bandwidth utilization to lead the industry by more than 50%. In the multi-task parallel processing process, it can always maintain fast response and smooth operation, greatly improving the user experience.

Honor Wisdom

The Hongjun 818 smart chip integrates Histen’s sound quality optimization technology to create a large-screen sound quality experience through sound field expansion, transient distortion correction, dialogue enhancement, loudness adaptation, and intelligent bass. For example, the sound field expansion technology can create a sense of surround sound, creating a immersive sensation for the user; the loudness is adaptive, the volume can be automatically adjusted to avoid sudden jumps in the volume when switching programs.

In addition to the announcement of the Hongjun 818 smart display chip, the Honor smart screen will also use the lift AI camera. As one of the dual centers of smart life in the future, with this camera, Honor Smart Screen will better connect family members and better assume the role of family emotional center.

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Honor Wisdom

The Honor smart screen lifting AI camera is equipped with a special HiSilicon NPU chip with AI capabilities such as face recognition. In addition to the basic functions of taking photos and video calls, the Honor smart screen can achieve more innovative experiences.

Honor Smart Screen This lift-designed AI camera combines wisdom and safety. The physical lifting design allows the camera to rise only when needed, and at other times it is automatically stowed behind the screen.

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