How to Make Xiaomi Smartphones Faster?

In no time, Xiaomi has become one of the bestselling phones in the market. The credit for that goes to its not so high prices yet significant hardware configurations. However, with time the device becomes slower mainly because of the users’ habits of filling up the phone’s space with unnecessary stuff or not updating the phones regularly. Nevertheless, it is relatively straightforward to make your Xiaomi device faster.

Xiaomi smartphones generally have decent specifications, great cameras, and are priced aggressively. However, the performance of smartphones especially the smartphones that are powered by Android degrades after a certain period. We start to observe occasional crashes, the device starts lagging and the gaming performance also degrades over time. The main culprit could the bloatware that comes pre-installed on the MIUI. But one of the main reasons for this decrease in performance is the way the users handle their devices. With too many apps installed, too much residue cache, unrecognized malware apps could lead to poor performance on your device. You can do it by clearing the cache of your Xiaomi smartphone by using its default MIUI cleaner App, or by regularly updating it, or using apps from only trusted sources. So, to fix all these issues we have brought you some tips and fixes. These can help you make the performance of your Xiaomi device faster.

Tips to Speed up Your Xiaomi Device

Before trying out the tips to speed up your phone, you must be aware of what causes your smartphone to run slow and how to avoid facing such issues. The smartphone starts running slow after a couple of months in case your smartphone has too many applications that you don’t use. About 90% of your storage space is occupied and too many junk files have been accumulated. Here are a few tips that you must try out on your Xiaomi smartphone to fix performance issues. And also make sure to repeat these steps every few weeks to avoid facing any issues in the future.

Update Everything In Your Phone To Make It Perform Faster

Updating the phone sounds very simple but only few users pay attention. Sometimes software updates don’t always bring new features, but most of them also contain bug fixes and performance improvements for phones that can help speed up the process significantly your device. If you own a Xiaomi phone, you should go directly to the Settings section. Then, you have to look for software updates to check if your phone is running the latest OS version.

How to check Updates on a Xiaomi smartphone?

  • Navigate to Setting > About Phone > System Updates (at the bottom).
  • Click on “Check for Updates”.

If it shows “No updates available”, it indicates that the MIUI is up to date. If it shows you an available software update with the MIUI version and the file size, you can click “Download update” to download the software update and install it.

Reduce the Animation Speed

The easiest way to get your Xiaomi phone faster is to limit system animations. By default it can be too slow and our experience will continue here to be much worse. To solve this we will only have to do the following:

  • Access Settings> About the phone.
  • Tap on the MIUI version for a few times until the developer options are activated.
  • Go to Settings> Additional settings> Developer options.
  • Look for the section “Transition Animation Scale”.
  • Make the animation scale .5x.

Just by doing this we can see how the mobile now seems much faster and does not have to load with slow animations. This trick manages to fool the eye and give us a feeling of greater fluidity.

how to make xiaomi phones faster

Clear cache on your Xiaomi phone

What do cached data means, and why to clear it? Cached data are temporary files, scripts, images, and other multimedia that is stored on your device after opening an app or visiting a website for the first time. This data is then used to quickly load information about the App or website every time it’s revisited. The phone’s cache comprises small bits of information that your apps and web browser uses to speed up the performance. After using the smartphone for a couple of months there are a lot of garbage temporary files that are collected over time. All these junk files are of no use to us and these obviously will affect the working and effectiveness of your smartphone. Hence clearing up the cache of your Xiaomi smartphone from time to time will clearly help to accelerate the performance.

How to clear Xiaomi phone’s cache?

Method 1: Using Security App

Search for Security App on MIUI Inside the app there is a feature known as “Cleaner”. Then select this option and a cleaning process will begin by selecting “Clean Up“. This will remove all the cache files and junk files from the device.

Method 2: Using third-party apps from Play Store

In case you don’t want to use the built-in setting option or Security app in MIUI you can use some trusted third-party apps such as CCleaner, Files By Google, Clear Cache apps from the Google Play store. And all these apps are well equipped to clear cache. The best practice is to clear residual cache once every week to keep your phone running at optimal performance.

Method 3: Using built-in settings

  • Navigate to Settings > About Phone > Storage.
  • Click on “Free Up Space”.
  • Check ‘Cache files’ option and hit ‘Clean up’.

how to make xiaomi phones faster

Clean your Xiaomi to Make it Faster

With the day to day we accumulate cache files, images and other content that we do not need at all. This is something that Xiaomi knows very well and its effects on mobile speed. For this reason, it offers us within the security application several essential options to get the best out of the smartphone.

Just by entering Security and touching the speed increase, the mobile will analyze everything it does not need. Then we enter the cleaner and deep cleaning to eliminate everything that we do not need and is taking up space and therefore making the mobile slower.

Note: This option is not available in MIUI 12.

Close the Application and Free up RAM

Using multiple applications and allowing them to run in the background on the phone is a habit of many people today. This only makes the RAM capacity be easily filled and makes the phone work less stable. Therefore, you should make a habit of closing applications you no longer use by opening the list of running applications and then tapping on any application to turn them off. If your Xiaomi phone has developer options enabled, you can also turn off apps or services running in the background more quickly.

Regularly restart Xiaomi Phones

Restarting your phone is inherently simple to do, so this is the most effective and fastest method to help your device refresh its operation. As long as you restart your phone often, this can help your phone automatically clear the cache, prevent and close unnecessary tasks running in the background. Therefore it keep everything in the phone running smoothly howl back.

To restart your Xiaomi phone, simply hold down the power button and then select the Reboot option , then press OK to confirm.

Try these Third-Party Apps to make your Xiaomi phone Faster

To boost the performance of your Xiaomi phone, here are some third-party apps that can remove some unwanted junk files, unused apps. So you can fix existing issues with the device to boost the performance.

The first such App is Du speed booster and cleaner. It’s a speed booster and RAM booster and also helps to optimize your battery and manage the apps on your device.

Another app you can use is Greenify. It’s a great battery saver app for your Xiaomi device. It also helps you know the apps that are misbehaving and running in the background consuming resources and, in turn, put them to sleep when you are not using them.

The Fluency Problems of the Xiaomi Launcher

When updating from MIUI 11 to MIUI 12, the system retains data in the cache that is not necessary and causes annoying lag in some users. This can be fixed very quickly and allows us to improve the speed in Xiaomi significantly.

All we have to do is go into Settings> Applications> Installed applications and look for the System Launcher. Just by entering it and clearing the cache data as we show you, the mobile will speed up its performance in menus, multitasking and even when opening applications.

These were some tips and tricks that can help you increase the performance of your Xiaomi phone. If you follow the above-mentioned tricks you can speed up the performance of your device. So you can make it smoother and more efficient while in use. And it’s that simple. Doesn’t matter if you have a Mi Mix 3, Mix 2, Redmi Note 7 Pro or even Poco F1. These work every single time. Now you know how to make your Xiaomi phone faster. In case you have any other questions, please drop them in the comments section below. We’ll be happy to answer them.

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