OnePlus 9 Series Announced! The First Hasselblad Video Target No.1

This afternoon, OnePlus held an OnePlus Image Communication Meeting. During the meeting, they announced a strategic cooperation with Hasselblad to bring Hasselblad’s image technology to the smartphone field. The first model is going to be the OnePlus 9 series.

The company emphasized that Hasselblad is a legendary brand in the field of imaging. It has recorded countless classic moments such as the first man landing on the moon. They will refresh the image of a new mobile standards as the goal through in-depth research and technical cooperation. They’ll work together to create a Jiaha Su mobile imaging system, plus high-end flagship in a joint show of Hasselblad image quality ultimate charm.

Cooperation with Heasselblad

Hasselblad’s vice president Jon Diele said that adhering to the belief of Create to Inspire, Hasselblad has been committed to bringing photographers the most reliable creative tools.

We hope that through this cooperation, the two parties will bring Hasselblad’s iconic design concept and the ultimate imaging experience to more mobile device users. Due to cooperation, the two parties integrate superior performance and the beauty of technology. Moreover, they lead the smartphone industry into the next chapter with a brand-new smartphone camera system.

The Hasselblad Camera for the Mobile project will also look to advanced color calibration, a steep challenge. The solution, called Natural Color Calibration with Hasselblad, aims to provide more accurate, natural colors to photos taken on OnePlus 9 series phones.

Liu Zuohu said that it is not bragging to achieve the first image function in the industry. This is another decisive goal that OnePlus has developed until now. And it is to ensure that the screen is absolutely leading while making every effort. This is extremely challenging whether it is the requirements of the internal team or the investment of resources.

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