Redmi Note 10 Chinese Version To Sport 120Hz LCD Screen

Redmi’s new smartphone will hit the market on May 26. As you know, on this date, the company will uncover the Redmi Note 10 Chinese version.

Previously, Xiaomi’s Redmi product director Wang Teng posted on Weibo that the Redmi Note 10 series will come with a processor with flagship performance. It will bound to break the performance ceiling of mid-range machines.

In addition to the flagship performance, Redmi officially stated that the Note 10 series will sport a flagship LCD screen supporting a 120Hz high refresh rate.

Redmi Note 10

It is worth mentioning that while the Note 10 series screen supports high refresh rate, it also supports variable six-speed adjustment. The frame rate can be adjusted intelligently according to different display contents, which not only solves the high power consumption, but also brings super smooth and exquisite full-scene experience.

Redmi Note 10

The Note 10 series will adopt a family-style punch-hole screen solution, which is consistent with the previous Redmi K40 series and can present a more coordinated visual experience. It is currently the best punch-hole screen.

As for the configuration, the Note 10 series may feature the Dimensity 1100 flagship processor, built with a new 6nm EUV process. This is currently the second-ranked chip in the MediaTek camp. Its performance is second only to the Redmi K40 Gaming version with the Dimensity 1200. But it costs less.

Redmi Note 10

In addition, the Redmi Note 10 series will come with the same “raster” design of the previous Xiaomi Mi 11 Lei Jun limited edition, and the same 67W fast charging specification of the “Android Light”. The phone will also support Bluetooth 5.2 and a full-blood version of dual-channel UFS 3.1, with a sequential read speed of 1801 MB /s, sequential writing can reach 1292 MB/s.

In addition, the machine weighs 193g, supports infrared remote control, comes with a flagship VC liquid cooling, which has a large heat dissipation area of ​​16370mm². Plus, it supports NFC 3.0.

You can also get acquainted with the actual look of this phone through the photos released by a Weibo blogger.

Redmi Note 10

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