VIVO X30 and VIVO Y19 Are On The Way

VIVO is among the top smartphone makers in the world. One of the keys to the success of this company is its strategy. As you should have noticed, this manufacturer launches new and amazing phones one after another. It even releases at least two annual smartphones in a year. The current model is called the VIVO X27. The latter has two variants. And the Pro version is a real beast, ready to beat any competitors. At the same time, this company has the Y line, which comes in with low-end devices. Today, it became known two new models will be launched in the nearest future. One of them will belong to the X series, while the second one will carry the Y letter. The VIVO X30 and Y19 are on the way.

According to the mysmartprice, VIVO recently submitted a trademark application for the VIVO X30 and Y19 names to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The two trademark applications indicate that the manufacturer plans to expand its X and Y-series smartphone lineup.

There are currently no appearances and configuration parameters for the VIVO X30 and Y19 smartphones on the website. However, according to the previous model analysis of VIVO, the X series is a mid-to-high end model; the Y series is a low-end model. The website also revealed that the VIVO X30 may also have the VIVO X30 Pro version, and the VIVO Y19 will be an upgraded version of the Y17.

Perhaps it will employ the unusual “reverse notch” designs as another creative solution to have a full-screen smartphone. The company has already patented two of such design – one with a mild arch shape protruding from the top edge with two selfie cameras, and another with two individual protrusions. The chances of adopting such design for the VIVO X30 seems lean.

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