Xiaomi Phones Come With No Google Services Pre-Installed

Probably, we still don’t understand but in the nearest future, the Xiaomi smartphones will suffer a lot because of the US ban. As you know, Xiaomi and 8 other Chinese companies have appeared on the US governments’ black list. And though our favorite company has already sued the US government, we are almost sure nothing will change and Xiaomi will appear in the same situation as Huawei. Recently, some MIUI users reported that GMS (Google Mobile Services) cannot be installed on their phones. In response, the Xiaomi team responded that they no longer support self-installation of GMS services due to compliance reasons.

Google services

According to a unified reply from a number of people certified as the support group in the Xiaomi community: ‘First of all, thank you for your support to Xiaomi. For compliance reasons, the MIUI domestic version does not support the installation of GMS by itself for models without Google service frameworks service. Thank you for your understanding”. Some team members also said that if users really need it, they can go to coolapk.com to search for related tutorials..

It is reported that the affected models include the Redmi K30 Ultra, the Redmi 10X 5G, etc. However, we are sure the list is way longer. But the company has not provided the complete list yet. In this regard, we think the models on the list should be launched after a certain date. If taking into account the fact that the in August 2020 and the Redmi 10X was out in May 2020, there is every reason to think all Xiaomi handsets launched after this date will be affected.

For some reasons, most of the smartphones of Chinese manufacturers will not preset GMS services. But users who need it, can install them to use some Google services.


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