ZTE A20 Ultra: The First Under-Screen Camera Phone

On December 28, the official Weibo of ZTE Mobile released a promotional video. The well-known actor Lame Yoko planted the ZTE A20 Ultra. It is worth mentioning that ZTE A20 Ultra is the world’s first under-screen camera phone. The price is 3498 yuan ($525).

ZTE A20 ultra

The ZTE A20 Ultra uses a new self-developed pixel arrangement, and the pixel drive circuit is redesigned. Not only that, the ZTE A20 features as many as 12 antennas and adopts a 360-degree surround integrated design. And each of the antennas has its own functions. Whether you hold it horizontally or vertically, it can perfectly avoid the palm of your hand.

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More importantly, the ZTE A20 Ultra uses the industry’s cutting-edge PDS outer surface antenna technology. Through a series of high-precision and difficult processes such as film disassembly, printing, and baking, the antenna is arranged on the outer middle frame of the phone. The antenna headroom has doubled. It keeps the antenna away from your smartphone motherboard and internal components to reduce the impact of internal metal components on the antenna.


Compared with the commonly used FPC antenna technology, the antenna performance has got an improvement of 50% under the same cell phone volume.

ZTE A20 ultra

In addition, the ZTE A20 uses a 6.92-inch screen and sports Snapdragon 765G. Still, the processor is good enough to let you sail through everyday tasks without any feeling of sluggishness. The battery capacity is 4220mAh. It also includes 30W fast charging.

In terms of cameras, there is a 32MP front camera as well as a 64MP main camera + 8MP super wide-angle + 2MP macro + 2MP depth of field sensors combination on the back. ZTE says it used a mix of five technologies to get the camera to work. To balance the performance of the display and the front camera, ZTE added a special material using “organic and inorganic film,” which improves light input for the lens.

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