Mi Noise Cancelling Headphone Pro Advantages Explained

The Mi Noise Cancelling Headphone Pro (FlipBuds Pro) was officially released on May 13. This product debuted Qualcomm’s QCC5151 flagship Bluetooth audio chip, comes with three microphones, the sound unit uses an 11mm super dynamic speaker with an impedance of 16Ω.

Mi Noise Cancelling Headphone Pro

Today, a Weibo user gave a detailed explanation of the dynamic unit of this headset and was officially confirmed by Mi earphones. He said that the size of the headphone moving coil unit is not a key factor in determining the sound quality. The Mi Noise Cancelling Headphone Pro has a dual magnetic circuit design, and the magnetic induction intensity (magnetic flux density) can reach 1 Tesla. The latter can provide higher energy conversion efficiency. This headset is also equipped with a CCAW copper-clad aluminum coil. The lightweight design can greatly reduce the overall mass, accelerate faster in the magnetic field, and have a wider vibration frequency.

Mi Noise Cancelling Headphone Pro

In addition, he also said that the dynamic balance bracket of this headset unit not only improves the stability of the diaphragm, but also enables the coil enameled wire to be drawn out symmetrically, avoiding the uneven mass distribution caused by sticking to the diaphragm.

Xiaomi officially stated that this headset has been professionally tuned by the Xiaomi Audio Lab, referring to the influence of the head, auricle and other factors on the sound, and fine-tuned the acoustic parameters and compensated for the sound quality, making the sound surging and thick. From the frequency response curve, we can see that the overall sound performance of the headset is very balanced. There is no excessively stimulating frequency band, and the low frequency smoothing will not be excessive.

The Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro noise reduction headphones have ANC active noise reduction function with a maximum noise reduction capability of 40dB. The product supports the connection of two devices, and also supports the connection of two sets of earphones to the same device to make sound. The product is currently on pre-sale at a price of 799 yuan ($124).

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