Xiaomi Mi Watch

Xiaomi Watch Got Updated: Heart Rate Monitoring, Noise Detection

The Xiaomi Mi Watch has been updated this month, adding support for detecting daytime naps, heart rate monitoring, noise detection and night smart power saving modes, and also added several presets of dial.

Xiaomi Mi Watch

In addition, Xiaomi Mi Watch also optimizes basic experience such as theater mode and screen lock. Now, it also includes high temperature reminders, and greatly reduces the first pairing time, fixes the problem of too sensitive knobs. On the other hand, it changes the default input method.

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As a reminder, the Xiaomi Mi Watch was launched in November 2019, with a quad-curved glass mirror design, an aluminum alloy frosted bezel. It sports a built-in full-featured eSIM chip, a Qualcomm Snapdragon wearable processor 3100 4G version, and also a pre-installed watch operating system MIUI For Watch.

The December update of Xiaomi Watch includes new functions:

  • Support detecting daytime naps
  • Heart rate monitoring new heart rate abnormal reminder
  • New noise detection app
  • New night smart power-saving mode
  • Added several preset watch faces
  • Repair and optimization
  • Optimize basic experiences such as theater mode and screen lock
  • Significantly reduce the first pairing time
  • Increase high-temperature reminder
  • Data synchronization optimization
  • Swimming algorithm optimization, also improvement of the recognition rate
  • Modify the default input method to “Xunfei Input Method”
  • Optimized step algorithm
  • The negative screen adds a weather warning
  • Fix the problem that the knob is too sensitive

5 thoughts on “Xiaomi Watch Got Updated: Heart Rate Monitoring, Noise Detection”

  1. After the last update it counts a lot of steps, some applications have stopped working and the battery runs out quickly. Fix it soon please.

  2. It is a disaster. does not count steps correctly. if you go out of china with it, it just doesn’t work. It is throwing money away. The latest update has smashed the clock. Let him go free and let the community take care of it.

  3. Antonio Santos mateo

    Por favor abrir el bootloader, soy usuario de España, y antes iba medio bien, pero ahora desde la actualización no vale ni para dejarlo en un cajón, los pasos fatal, la batería apenas me llega al día

  4. With the last update, Mi Wacht doesn’t count steps well. Do you try to fix it? What’s about a global version? There are a lot of people around the world that have bought the Mi Watch. Can we continue trusting in Xiaomi? Help us please!

  5. JJGamer Gonzalez

    You have turned the best watch I have ever had into something unusable for not being in the Chinese region. Thanks for making me lose my money

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