Taiwan Media Says 2020 Apple iPhone Will Support Ultrasonic Under-Screen Fingerprint Recognition


According to the Taiwanese Economic Daily, Apple has arrange for representatives to meet with Taiwan ’s touch screen manufacturer GIS next week. To discuss the development of iPhones with fingerprint recognition under the display. The details such as price are finalized and will be release as early as next year.

The report said that Apple plans to use Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensor technology in at least 2020 iPhone models. Although the timetable may be postponed to 2021. GIS will work with Qualcomm to provide the necessary components.

This is in line with the latest reports from analysts Minguo Guo, Barclays, Bloomberg and other analysts. They expect that Apple will release iPhones with both Face ID and screen fingerprint capabilities in 2020 or 2021.

The industry pointed out that GIS previously provide iPhone touch-fitting services. As Apple switch to the iPhone’s in-cell touch design (In-cell) and cancel the 3D Touch function. It even replace face recognition with fingerprint recognition, which cause GIS pain. Lost iPhone orders, this time, it is expect to return to the iPhone chain through fingerprint recognition under the ultrasonic screen. Driving the explosion of performance.

In addition, GIS also recently reports that it has enter the Mini LED field. It will be responsible for Apple iPad Mini LED module assembly in the future. The legal person points out that GIS was originally the main supplier of iPad touch panels. Now it is re-entering the Mini LED module, which will help increase the future gross profit margin. Apple has sought GIS cooperation for both the fingerprint recognition under the screen and the assembly of the Mini LED module. Gighlighting that GIS has help them Increase in importance.

Recently, Apple has continuously propose patents related to screen fingerprint recognition to the US Patent Office. Indicating that Apple is actively deploying related technologies. Recently, the supply chain has been reported. Apple has asked many screen fingerprint recognition companies to send samples for testing. Qualcomm has settle the lawsuit. Qualcomm is the leader of the ultrasonic screen fingerprint recognition technology. The market believes that Apple is paving the way for the introduction of fingerprint recognition under the screen.

It is worth mentioning that today, Qualcomm introduce a 30x20mm under-screen fingerprint sensor for smartphones at the Snapdragon Technology Summit in Hawaii. Its recognition area is 17 times larger than that of the Galaxy S10. It also supports dual fingerprint simultaneous authentication.

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