There are 7 Xiaomi smartphone factories in India

Manu Kumar Jain, Vice President of Xiaomi International and Head of Xiaomi India, said in an interview that the company has 7 Xiaomi smartphone factories in India. Over the past two years, Xiaomi has developed rapidly in overseas markets, especially India. Xiaomi has surpassed Samsung and other companies to take the first place in India. Manu Kumar Jain also said that India may become a global manufacturing center for Xiaomi. Thus, Xiaomi will export Indian-made smartphones to other countries.

Xiaomi Mi 10

At present, Xiaomi has launched a small-scale pilot program to export “Indian” Xiaomi smartphone products to Bangladesh and Nepal. In addition, the Xiaomi India executive also stated that BIS is not a global standard. India should also invest in laboratories for global standard testing.

Regarding the production of local Xiaomi smartphones in India, he said that Xiaomi currently cooperates with Taiwan’s Foxconn and Singapore’s Flex to own seven smartphone manufacturing plants in India. Four of them are in Andhra Pradesh, two are in Tamil Nadu, and one is in Noida.

The total number of smartphones shipped in the Indian market was 46.6 million units(1.098.642$), an increase of 9.3% year-on-year. Xiaomi ranked first with 12.6 million units(297.057$) of shipments, an increase of 8.5% year-on-year. The share reached 27.1%. Samsung shipped 8.8 million units(188.608$), a year-on-year decrease of 8.5%, and the share fell to 18.9%.

In addition, smartphone chargers, USB cables, and batteries are also almost 100% from India. In terms of smart TVs, they cooperate with Dixon Technologies. So a smart TV manufacturing plant comes from Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.


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