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Xiao Ai Touch Screen Speaker Pro 8 Announced

Recently, Xiaomi officially announced the Xiao Ai touch screen speaker Pro 8. The device is equipped with an 8-inch screen and a 50.8mm neodymium iron boron inner magnetic speaker. This product’s official price is 599 yuan, and the initial price is 499 yuan ($80).

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In addition, the Xiao Ai touch screen speaker Pro 8 has a viewing angle of 178 degrees and adopts a full lamination process. This speaker is powered by a triple bass enhancement unit, which improves the bass texture. At the same time, the speaker has a DTS Professional customization capability and supports one-word on-demand content. The company has announced that there are more video platforms, which will continue to access the Xiao Ai touch screen speaker Pro 8.

The latter can also be used as a photo frame to play family photos at any time. It supports custom music and video alarms.

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In addition, this speaker control interface has also ushered in a new upgrade, that customized for voice touch screen operation. Therefore, it can control Xiaomi IoT platform devices, but also 54 other IoT platform devices.

The Xiao Ai touch screen speaker Pro 8 can also join with the smart doorbell. Namely, when guests come to press the doorbell, at that time the speaker screen display shows the outside picture in real-time. You can also select the voice mode intercom and change the smart camera. Besides, you can check the camera monitoring screen in one sentence.

In addition, the speaker can make video calls with Xiaoai Speaker App․ This product features video calls with Xiaomi TV and MiTu children’s phone watches. In terms of content, Xiao Ai touch screen speaker Pro 8 supports multiple child protection measures. These measures include content filtering, anti-obsession while watching the video, and distance protection.

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