Xiaomi Launches 90 Minutes Light Urban Suitcase

Today, Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise launched the 90 minutes light urban suitcase series. It comes with 8 high-grade modern colors, a lightweight middle frame, a quick unlock option, and at a starting price tag of 799 yuan ($116).

The 20-inch variant of the 90 minutes light urban suitcase is available in white, brown, black, blue, red, gray, pink, and blue. It is priced at 799 yuan, while the 24-inch version is priced at 999 yuan ($145).

90 minutes light urban suitcase

According to the official introduction, its inspiration comes from the Morandi color. It is elegant and has a natural look. The minimalist streamlined case is derived from the design aesthetic of the “Effortless Chic”.

The 90 minutes light urban suitcase is made of PC/ABS alloy material and is widely used in high-strength structural parts such as supercars. It has a light weight, strong stability, and hardcore anti-theft. PC material passed through a three-layer composite sheet provides strong impact resistance. Due to the innovative bonding process, the integrated box and frame are more smooth and beautiful.

There is an embedded password lock, which reduces the risk of opening by strangers. A single finger push will open it, eliminating the complicated unpacking steps.

The wheels of the 90 minutes light urban suitcase are made of high-strength wear-resistant rubber and high-precision double-layer bushing structure. They make the wheels move more smoothly and easily respond to various road surfaces.

The drawbar is made of aluminum alloy, which is strong in bearing capacity.

The patented card is connected to the lining structure to ensure reliable cleaning and disassembly. Inside the suitcase, we can find two separate partitions. One is for everyday use, while the second one is not easy to find.


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