Xiaomi Mi 9

Xiaomi Mi 9:The most short-lived flagship in the history

Xiaomi Mi 9

The beginning of this year (on February 20), Xiaomi officially released Xiaomi Mi 9 smartphone. It was a period of time, when this mobile acclaimed, and once formed a machine hard to find pomp. This product was also referred to as Xiaolong 855 benchmark level products. It has a nice-looking design and a great feel. The Xiaomi Mi 9 uses a new nano-scale laser process, which is more restrained in the color gradient. Thus, when held in the hand, the vertical rainbow texture appears as the light illuminates. It brings a refined feeling. Under the thin and light body, there is also the powerful performance of the flagship mobile phone. With the addition of the rear three shots, its shooting strength also ranks first-class.

On the screen display, Xiaomi Mi 9 has a 6.39-inch Samsung AMOLE full-screen screen and a 3.6-mm narrow chin, which brings 90.7% of the high-screen ratio and the display is very delicate. When displaying a contrasting picture, the Mi 9 also maintains the details of the bright and dark, allowing you to have comfort when using it to watch videos, read a text and play games.

Recently, this product has been off the shelf in official website. In result, the official website has been unable to search Xiaomi Mi 9.

Distance from Xiaomi Mi 9 release date, and only in the past 9 months or so, you can say this is the Xiaomi’s most short-lived  flagship machine out in the history. It’s off the shelf, also on behalf of the Xiaomi of high-cost era ended, officially was the impact of high-end products of the road.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro

Now, in Xiaomi official website, you can only search the Xiaomi 9Pro5G and Xiaomi CC9 Pro two products out.  This is also the official announcement – the Xiaomi phone is  after never so cheap. In addition, Xiaomi also said that in the future  they will maintain the impact of high-end products brand image.

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