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Xiaomi Watch Color Gets OTA Update: New Swimming Mode Added

Recently, the Xiaomi watch Color has received an OTA upgrade. The latest version is V1.5.306. The new version adds a swimming mode and supports the watch to unlock the Xiaomi smartphone and NFC to unlock the Mijia smart door lock.

The Xiaomi Watch Color is priced at 799 yuan. It uses a 1.39-inch AMOLED round high-definition large screen, with a classic two-color stainless steel bezel, built-in 110 more personalized trend dials, and with 6-color colorful silicone wristbands and crocodile leather wristbands.

The watch comes with 6 high-precision sensors and supports ten mainstream sport modes for outdoor running, outdoor cycling, off-road, mountaineering, indoor running, indoor cycling, walking, free training, swimming in a pool, and swimming in open water.

Not only that, the Xiaomi Watch Color is also capable of body energy monitoring, comprehensive monitoring and analysis of various body data throughout the day. Plus, it comes with a real-time calculation of body energy values, and supports 24-hour heart rate detection, sleep detection, stress detection, and training breathing. Thus, it has an in-depth understanding of your own physical conditions.

In terms of battery life, under typical usage mode, it can be used for 14 days. In the long battery life mode, the Xiaomi Watch Color can be easily used for 22 days.

The update log of Xiaomi Watch Color V1.5.306 is as follows:


  1. Added pool swimming mode
  2. Add the smartphone unlock mode (according to the update time of MIUI12 to support various models one after another)
  3. New password function
  4. Added NFC to unlock Mijia smart door lock function
  5. New vibration setting options
  6. Three new standby dials


  1. Optimized some interface visual experience
  2. Optimized message reminding logic, full-screen message display, and new message icon
  3. Application list and sports list, records the position of the last slide
  4. Reduces the number of preset dials and increase the space for users to install dials independently
  5. Optimizes system stability
  6. Fixes other known issues.

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