360 S7 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Today, most of our home chores depend upon machinery. Be it cloth wash, home sanitation, cocking, and many more. For all, we are addicted to electronic equipment to finish with the tasks as early as possible. Further in the trend, the vacuum cleaner manufacturer 360 has come with its new generation vacuum cleaner called 360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Numerous producers have feet in the vacuum cleaner industry, claiming to be the best in terms of quality services. In the line, 360 also proves itself by delivering quality-rich electronic devices i.e. smart doorbells, surveillance cameras, and vacuum cleaners etc.

360 s7 vacuum cleaner

We have already reviewed the previous vacuum cleaner versions by the company such that 360 S5, 360 S6 etc. Now, 360 has introduced its latest edition S7 in June 2019 with lots of technical achievements.

Notably, the 360 S7 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner is much cheaper than its counterparts involving almost the same spec-sheet. Moreover, 360 is the No. 1 Korean Consumer Satisfaction Award and has also won the Bull Ear Award.

360 S7 Laser Robot Vacuum Cleaner: What it gets in the pack?

Well, the 360 S7 Vacuum Cleaner loads plenty of features to give you a complete home sanitation solution. Equipped with LDS LIDAR and SLAM algorithms, the device is smarter to handle the cleaning process efficiently.

Moreover, it can work on various surfaces like a marble floor, ceramic tile, shag carpet, wood floor, tile floor, and carpet etc. The machine adopts water tank and dustbin with 150ml and 570ml capacity respectively.

360 s7 vacuum cleaner

The S7 cleaner provides 2000Pa suction power, 3 cleaning modes, APP control, automatic recharge and resume, dry and wet cleaning, virtual wall, remote control and many more features for best results.

For detailed 360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner review, kindly go through the following headings. You will come to know how the device dominates the competitors and why to choose it except Roborock, Viomi, Xiaomi etc.

360 S7 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review: Features and Specifications

Colour and Build

Unlike the previous edition 360 S6, the 360 S7 Vacuum Cleaner offers single colour choice – White.

Further, the company keeps the minimalist size in the round-shaped design. On the top, it has two buttons to switch on/off the machine and to dock it to the power station.

360 s7 vacuum cleaner

Inside the tower, the vacuum cleaner adopts LDS laser to help the machine to scan the area to map it. Along with, it has two big wheels and a brush to catch the dust and then transferring it to the dustbin.

Physically, the 360 S7 Laser Vacuum Cleaner looks attractive and space-saving. Overall, it adopts the physical dimensions same to the S6 model at 35.00 x 35.00 x 10.00 cm but weighs quite less 3.8 kg.


Further, the 360 S7 Vacuum Cleaner features a NIDEC brushless motor, which works quietly at maximum 65 dB noise. You will get 3 cleaning modes and it will adjust its power automatically as per the mode used.

360 s7 vacuum cleaner

At each level, it makes the suction power at 800pa, 1300pa, and maximum 2000pa. Accordingly, each mode is specific for soft to a hard surface. While to perform deeply, it switches to the maximum power (2000Pa) to ensure the best cleanliness.

Laser Route Planning

This is the most innovative quality of the 360 S7 Vacuum Cleaner. It installs an LDS Lidar and a SLAM technology to work intelligently.

360 s7 vacuum cleaner

The LDS lidar sensor helps the cleaner to identify the precise location of your furniture and other goods. Then it creates a map of your interior to know the areas to be cleaned.

Using SLAM technology, the 360 S7 quickly maps out the layout and plan the best cleaning route. It goes zigzag throughout the scanned area and provides accurate cleaning with no corners left.

Multiple Cleaning Modes

The company has worked a lot to embrace the device with some advanced algorithms over the previous models. Unlike the S6, the S7 edition adopts the 3 cleaning modes for different purposes.

360 s7 vacuum cleaner

As the device installs 2000Pa suction power brushless motor, it also works on 3 different modes accordingly – Quiet, Automatic and Max.

Further, you do not need to switch to the desired mode manually. It will shift its power as per the floor type. The main brush is self-adjustable, which allows the cleaner to handle uneven surfaces.

Whenever it comes on the carpet area, it loads the maximum mode with 2000Pa suction power for deep cleaning.

Tank Capacity

360 has also made some improvements in this regard than the previous editions. The 360 S7 Vacuum Cleaner now adopts massive storage capacity water and dust tanks with 150ml and 570ml capacity respectively.

It will prevent you from emptying the tanks frequently. Once you start the machine, it will absorb the whole dust and you can wash it after finishing the work.

While mopping, water seeps out of the tank slowly on the mopping pad. It stops once mopping is finished and switched to sweeping mode automatically.

360 S7 Vacuum Cleaner: Battery

Similarly, the battery also got bigger capacity at 3,200 mAh as compared to 2.600 mAh of both S5 and S6 editions.

Once charged fully, you can use the robot vacuum cleaner for around 80-120 minutes on automatic mode and about 50 minutes on max mode.

360 s7 vacuum cleaner

Along with, it supports automatic wireless charging. The system goes back to the charging point when the battery drops to 20%.

After getting full of charge, it will resume the work where it stops lastly. Moreover, it takes about 3 hours to charge.

APP Control

In this latest vacuum cleaner model, the company offers APP control management for quick and hassle-free functioning.

360 s7 vacuum cleaner

You need to download and install the ‘360 Smart’ app on your smartphone. Now, you are eligible to control the processes and can set mopping and seeping off-limited areas on your phone. This feature is time-saving and incredible indeed.

Additional Features

Apart from the above, the 360 S7 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner houses various other smart features as follow:

360 has enabled the device for voice interaction through Alexa Voice Control.

Further, the vacuum cleaner identifies the room intelligently and users can customize the cleaning process specifically for bedroom, corridor, kitchen, living room, bathroom etc.

It has a normal display in Blue light as well as error display in Red light.

The machine contains 4 anti-drop sensors on the bottom to prevent it from falling. Moreover, it can climb the maximum 2cm height and also can identify the big steps while cleaning the stairs etc.

The 360 S7 Laser Vacuum Cleaner has a remote control, LCD display, Schedule function, 80-100 M2 cleaning area, WIFI connectivity and some other specialities.


Well, the sale has not yet begun for the 360 S7 Laser Robot Vacuum Cleaner. It is available for pre-sale orders against $459.99 after a 10% discount on the Gearbest store. It is the link to visit the buying page:


As we have observed, the 360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a smart device suitable for average to big homes.

Featured with the latest technology, the system is one of the best vacuum cleaners in this price range. Moreover, APP control, bigger power capacity, and smart sensors make the machine of modern time.

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