Alfawise A8 NEO TV Box Review: Turns a TV to Smart Tv

The entertainment industry is witnessing regular inventions by many international corporations or manufacturers. The TV industry is also propelling at a rapid speed and every day is welcoming innovative ideas.

 Taking a step forward, the Alfawise has come to the front with its next deal in the form of a TV box naming A8 Neo TV Box. It is a great equipment to convert your home into a digital film theatre.

The Alfawise A8 Neo TV Box is a smart TV output system that runs on a Rockchip RK3229 Quad-Core processing unit. First of all, it uses Android 9.0 version as a basic operating platform to carry on the whole functionality in a smooth flow.

To dive into the world of entrainment, the A8 Neo TV setup is a very handy guide for you. You will enjoy video streaming in 4K version along with high-quality sound transmission. Moreover, it also supports 3D movie interfaces to give you an extensive base to enjoy your family time incredibly.

If you used to found the online movie enjoyable, proceed to buy the Alfawise A8 Neo TV Box. It will be a worthy product to enrich your leisure time. The A8 TV box holds 4K video playback functions alongside many other useful features.

As compared to the previous product by Alfawise, the A8 Neo TV Box is faster and reliable featuring universal voice searching by over 200 integrated channels.

Furthermore, the A8 Neo TV set is the collection of advanced facilities and specifications which the users always dream of. In the following part, you will explore an in-depth study of the product to be familiar with the Alfawise A8 Neo TV Box.

Alfawise A8 Neo TV Box – Features and Specifications

Colour and Design

Taking this point in the first spot, I will tell you that the design of the A8 TV box is outstanding with the excellent colour combination. The sleek body weighs only at 100g and you are comfortable with it all the time.

The experts beautifully craft the Alfawise A8 in order to extract eye-catching personality. Along with, the skin gets the Black colour touch to make it for easy adoption.

Basically, it is a miniature TV box that will give your hands a gentle hold. Correspondingly, you are free to place it anywhere beside your TV. The physical area covers 10.10×10.10×1.71 cm place which is convenient to use.

Furthermore, the Alfawise A8 Neo TV Box comes in a glossy black case with an LED light on the front side. The top of the TV box has a brand logo and Android 9.0 alphabets. On its sides, the A8 TV Box has USB ports, AV output port, and HDMI ports for separate functions.


The display size will be your TV set. It can be a TV, monitor or a projector. The A8 Neo is supportable to all. You just need to connect your Alfawise A8 Neo TV Box with your screen device.

The Alfawise A8 Neo TV Box is produced with the intent to provide the users with excellent video broadcasting services.

For the purpose, the TV box includes 3D movie configuration and 4Kx2K HD video playback. You will enjoy 3D films in a relevant manner which adds further excitement to your entertainment.

A most important part of the Alfawise A8 Neo TV Box is that it supports 4K video playback feature. Therefore, you are liable to enjoy your favourite movies; TV shows etc. full HD video quality.

For the game lovers, the A8 Neo TV Box also has remarkable features. They can experience various games in each category. The Android 9.0 version will work extra-ordinary in collaboration with the Rockchip RK3229.

But to enjoy games, you will have to attach an external game controller device. It may be through USB or Bluetooth.

Alfawise A8 Neo Operating System

Well, the Alfawise A8 Neo TV Box uses the latest Android version 9.0 to be the first to do so in this category.

What does it mean by the use of Android 9.0?

It tells us that the A8 Neo TV Box can all that an Android smartphone can do. Like smartphones, we can download and install various types of applications and software as per our needs.

The latest version will ultimately give a hike to the performance of the TV set and make it up to the standard of modern time. You can play your favourite games, music, videos, movies, pictures and much more countlessly.

But what will happen when the Android gets the support of the Rockchip processor? Amazingly, you are eligible to access boundary-less excitement with the same product.

Your entertainment will touch the heights when you enjoy the superfast speed of Rockchip RK3229 CPU chipset. It is a Quad-core chipset with 1.5 GHz strength. Further, it supports encoding functionality at pace along with special movie playbacks.

Side by side, the A8 TV box also equipped with a mali-400 graphical processing unit support to eliminate the complexities.

Moreover, it also pushes your efforts to generate solutions via Android applications.


Usually, we use TV to watch our favourite movies, news, serials, sports or whatever the channels are broadcasting. We have to watch them without making them pause, stop, and we cannot forward or backward them. Similarly, we haven’t the authority to store the data or files of our interest which we can watch later.

But with the Alfawise A8 Neo TV Box, nothing is like this. Unlike traditional TV sets, you are bound to store your favourite music, movies, photos, or anything else you want to display on your big screen.

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How is this possible?

Well, the Alfawise A8 Neo TV Box comes with a 2 GB RAM and a 16 GB internal storage capacity like mobiles and laptops. The RAM chipset is based on DDR3 technology and works exceptionally well to make the video streaming process stunning.

Now you are the boss of your TV player. You can store a massive amount of data, movies, and files and can easily run on your TV screen.

Your favourite movie will be available when you have the time to watch it. Here you also have the option to extend your internal storage space up to 64 GB. Well, you can do it using an external SD card or hard drive.

Multiple Media Formats Support

The Alfawise A8 Neo TV Box runs on the Android 9.0 Pie operating system. Now, it is compatible and capable of running a wide range of audio, video and picture formats. Even you can stream your MS Office files and access your office work right at your TV screen.

Sometimes we face distractions while trying to run a particular movie in a specific format, but it doesn’t work. It will not happen in the case of A8 Neo TV Box.

The A8 will support almost all types of media files formats to give you the complete TV solutions in the modern shape.

In the audio section, you are eligible to play MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, RM, OGG, and many more extensions.

Further, the video formats the A8 TV box support are, WMV/VC-1 SP/MP/AP, MKV MPG, MPEG, DAT, AVI, MOV, ISO, MP4, RM, H.264, H.265, RealVideo 8/9/10, VP8/9, up to 2160P.

Alfawise A8 Neo

Similarly, there are so many photo formats like JPEG, MPEG, JPG, and PNG etc. which the Alfawise A8 Neo TV Box supports nicely.

 Therefore, the users are completely in gain to get PC like facilities in their TV box. They do not need to convert any file format to make it playable. Just click and play your favorite file and enjoy your time.

Alfawise A8 Neo Power System

As far as the power is related, the Alfawise A8 Neo TV Box does not contain any power storage battery. It works using an external power adapter.

Along with, the remote controller device of the A8 TV box definitively requires 2xAAA removable batteries. You can easily change them after they lose their potential.


The Alfawise provides numerous connectivity options in its A8 Neo TV Box system. With a sole objective to provide its users with a comfortable and delightful TV watching experience, the company is offering genuine product specifications.

With the Alfawise A8 Neo TV Box, you can connect your smartphone or any other WIFI-enabled device via WIFI 802.11 b/g/n signals. This will ensure the stability of the network to impart uninterrupted transfer flow.

Alfawise A8 Neo

Furthermore, the TV box involves many ports to make the process easier and smooth. It has an HDMI 2.0 port, RJ45, USB, DC charge port etc. Through these ports, you can connect your TV to an external hard drive, Ethernet, PC, and USB pen drive etc.

You can play your favourite apps using the internet like YouTube, Facebook, Netflix and many more.


The price of the Alfawise A8 Neo TV Box is quite impressive against its unmatched features. The A8 TV box is available on the Gearbest online store against the cost of $28.99. Surprisingly, the store is offering you a discount of 22%.

Below is the link to buy the product from Gearbest store:

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