KZ AS16 Wired Headphones Review: Great Sound and Comfort

After CCA C16, the KZ Company has now introduced their next product KZ AS16 wired headphone for the passionate users.

The headphones are a verified item with a high-quality sound resolution and eight balanced armatures. Along with, the Earbuds has entered the domain with ultra-fine capabilities in the wired headphone segment.

Today, most of the gadget lovers tend to dive for wireless headphones. They want to be free of the wired complexities. But with the KZ AS16, you will gain quality and accuracy to define and fulfil your needs efficiently.

The KZ AS16 wired headphone comes with the 105 dB sound power and the two-prong 0.75 mm cable connector and 15 ohms resistance.

Therefore, the earphones are ready to create a marvellous story on behalf of the ergonomic design. The users will get professional-grade sophisticated electronic crossover turning technology with the KZ AS16 Earbuds.

Today is the time to cultivate the rapid and ultra-modern benefits of technology. Taking the mobile industry, it also witnesses far better innovations to make things happen in reality. You will come across tailor-made gadgets and accessories to reshape the excitement from the root.

KZ AS16 Wired Headphone: Features and Specifications

The earphones can be included in this category. You can take them with you to furnish your time. The KZ AS16 headphones will do the same. They are invented with acoustic technology to bind up the ever possible entertainment and fun for you. You can reach it through online shopping platforms.

But proceeding further, have a quick look at the review of the KZ AS16 wired headphones. It will help you to think about your decision, whether it is worthy or not to go for the product.

The KZ AS16 earphones are placed on the rank with some productive features ad qualities by the manufacturer. Actually, it is the next bead after their previous item CCA CA16.

But, it is designed with the intent to serve the users with some additional features. What are these? Let us place them before you with each feature separately.

KZ AS16 Design and Colour

As you can see, the KZ AS16 headphones offer wired design. Further, the design with general ergonomics and easy to use facility looks cool and suitable.

For men, the headphone size is still setting well, but for women, it looks large and makes their ears heavy and bulky.

A large number of armatures increase the size of the KZ AS16 to 125×2.50×1.50cm. Similarly, the weight of the headphone is 0.05 kg.

On the front side, you will get a brand pattern in the wave shape. Further, there are inscriptions left and right channels, along with 8 balanced armatures for professional sound.

Similarly, the headphones are made of transparent plastic from the inside. It will let you see the fixtures.

The AS16 has a cable with a length of 1.25 m. It is enough for the user to place his smartphone in the pocket. Likewise, the ABS material will provide a gentle and comfortable wearing. You can enjoy it for a long time without ear pain or any other harm.

When it comes to the colour, the KZ offers the product in the dual-colour choice – the Black and the Sky Blue.

Hence, you can select your favourite colour while going to purchase the KZ AS16 headphone.

KZ AS16 3.5 mm Plug Diameter

As usual, the AS16 headphones also come with a 3.5 mm connection jack. It is the recognised size across the world and accepted by all the manufacturers.

The Earbuds are embraced with a 3.5 mm audio jack to insert in your smartphone. You can access it on any of your electronic gadgets for music and audio.

How you can deal with the system is a simple and revised process. To enjoy seamless music and sound, put the KZ AS16 3.5 mm jack in your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or any other device.

Your device will indicate the insertion of the jack. This is all set to click the sound for your favourite songs and enjoy the blast energy. You will leave with no worry about the size of the jack as if it will accept the size of your audio output port or not.

With AS16 wired headphone, you are absolutely free to enter the world of thrill without any intervenes.

KZ AS16 Acoustic Technology

As we have discussed earlier, the mobile industry is the prime reason behind the inception of IT technologies. The same is true in regard to the KZ AS16 earphone.

The company delivers the product with acoustic technology with a higher sensitivity against the traditional headphones. The 7-8 dB is higher than the obsolete devices. Moreover, the corresponding high-frequency sensitivity is more than 200% greater than that of traditions ear pads.

Furthermore, there are valves for different purposes. When you come to the case, you will get two balanced armatures 22955 for two bass configurations, two balanced armatures 29689 for medium-range armatures, and similarly, 4 balanced armatures 31736 for top-level frequencies.

Three-Way Acoustic Duct

The KZ AS16 headphones are developed with a three-way acoustic duct to optimize the three-frequency performance. It helps to make the sound more realistic and balanced.

The sound gets the right angle and there is a metal grill filter. It facilitates good sound cover that guides from debris and dust.

One of the best parts about the KZ AS16 earphone is that it contains a small compensation hole slightly below the sound guide. It develops the best acoustic duct with protrusions for a 0.75 mm cable connector.

Therefore, the earphones are taken with the standard cable. It is formed in the braided pigtail. The cable works with an excellent attitude and gives the aesthetical pleasing that they do the best job.

Frequency Division Adjustment Technology

The KZ AS16 headphones are set with the smooth high school bass connection. It is powered with the action of PCB electronic frequency division board.

The KZ has produced the AS16 earphones with some cutting-edge solutions. The high-frequency division adjustment technology gives it the right path to produce ultra-fine sound quality.

Moreover, the headphones come with the less distortion feature to accumulate the overall sound base.

KZ AS16 Compatibility

Talking about the compatibility, the AS16 headphones are compatible with all smart devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, iPhone, iPod, MP3, Portable media player, and others.

Hence, the users are free to use this device as per their gadgets. It will give you full freedom to insert it on any platform. Usually, most of the device comes with the 3.5 mm audio output jack. Therefore, KZ AS16 is suitable for all these devices.

If you are on travel, the headphones are ready to add value to your traveling experience. With extensive compatibility options, the KZ AS16 headphones create a safe environment for users.

Additional Features

Additionally, the AS16 wired headphones provide 15 ohms impedance and 105 dB sound power. Correspondingly, users will enjoy super-fine sound joy at the affordable prices.

Furthermore, the headphones come with the frequency response range 20-4000 Hz. So, it imparts with great sound produce along with 4 times high frequency moving the iron, 2 times medium frequency moving iron, and 2 times low frequency moving iron.

Moreover, the KZ AS16 holds professional-grade sophisticated technology with turning electronic crossover.

The earphones are developed with the ear shell of zinc alloy that is further combined with resin material.

Besides, the AS16 wired headphone supports function like answering a phone call. You can reply to the incoming call without holding your phone in hand.

The non-availability of the Bluetooth connectivity can be a drawback of the KZ AS16. You cannot attach it through Bluetooth connectivity wirelessly.


The cost of the KZ AS16 wired headphone is $131.01 on the Gearbest online store. You can hit the following link to place your order:

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