Mijia Sneakers 4 Review: No Smart Chip But Improved A Lot

Although Xiaomi first started with a smartphone, now when it comes to Xiaomi, many customers like to call it ‘Xiaomi Department Store’. We mean in addition to the main smartphone business, Xiaomi also sells a variety of products such as household appliances, children’s toys, and daily necessities. We can say that ‘Xiaomi’ can basically solve most of your needs in food, clothing, housing and transportation. Recently, Xiaomi Department Store has launched a new product, the Mijia Sneakers 4, a sports shoe priced at 199 yuan ($28).

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Speaking of Xiaomi sports shoes, the first-gen Mijia sports shoes made a furor when launched a few years ago. The price of these shoes is not too expensive. But the overall foot feel is still relatively comfortable. And for the Mijia Sneakers 2 and Mijia Sneakers 3 introduced later, many customers didn’t like the design. In this sense, the newly launched Mijia Sneakers 4 has fixed all shortcomings.

Mijia Sneakers 4

Mijia Sneakers 4 Appearance

The Mijia Sneakers 4 provides deep space black, flower blue, and flower gray variants. Taking into consideration the collocation and dirt resistance, the deep space black is the best offer. The first feeling of unpacking the Mijia Sneakers 4 is that the overall workmanship of Mijia Sneakers is getting better and better. And the shape of these shoes is also somewhat similar to Adidas Ultra Boost running shoes.

Similar to the previous generations of Mijia sneakers, the Mijia Sneakers 4 continue to use an integrated knitted upper design. But the process uses a one-piece 4D high-elastic flying woven upper, and the entire upper has a better mesh density. Taking into account the upper breathability, elasticity and recovery, it is not inferior Adidas Ultra Boost running shoes. In addition, although the Mijia Sneakers 4 also upgraded the fishbone locking system on the basis of the previous generation, the wrapping of the entire shoe is better.

Mijia Sneakers 4

The midsole of Mijia Sneakers 4 is made of ETPU popcorn cloud bullet material, which is very similar to Ultra Boost in touch. The Mijia Sneakers 4 has a slightly warped toe, and it uses an anti-kick design, which has a certain protective effect, and this ergonomic design can make walking easier. In addition, the glue control was very good, and no overflow or under-gluing was found.

The heels of the Mijia Sneakers 4 also comes with a remarkable design. We can say that they have done enough to protect them. The black module above the white midsole of the heel has a PU stabilizing support layer and a heel stabilizing sheet. The heel stabilizing sheet has a very large area. Although the texture is relatively hard, there is no feeling of grinding the feet. In addition, the heel part of Mijia Sneakers 4 is thicker than the other parts. And it also adds high-density foam to the heel neckline, giving a tight sense of wrapping.

Mijia Sneakers 4

The soles of Mijia Sneakers 4 are made of non-slip rubber with a thickness between 0.2cm and 0.35cm. There are many patterns on the entire sole, and a number of vertical water guide grooves are designed to improve the contact of the sole with wet ground on rainy days, providing non-slip friction. In addition, the yellow component in the center of the sole is a torsion balancing piece. Many brand sports shoes also have similar designs. Their role is to reduce the possibility of the sole shaking during sports and prevent spraining of the foot.

The Mijia Sneakers 4 provides 6 sizes between 39-44. Since the Mijia sports shoes 4 adopt an integrated knitted upper, the upper has no tongue and is self-elastic. So it can be directly inserted into the shoe without opening the shoe lace. Compared with ordinary sports shoes, the Mijia Sneakers 4 are particularly well-wrapped, and the soles and feet are relatively soft.

Mijia Sneakers 4

True advantages of Mijia Sneakers 4

Now, more and more people like to run at night. In order to increase the safety of night running, the Mijia Sneakers 4 adds two reflective designs to the shoes. The first is that the shoelaces use reflective shoelaces, and they use round shoelaces. Compared with the flat shoelaces on the previous Mijia sports shoes, you can feel that the round shoelaces are not easy to loosen. The second is the 3M Mijia logo with a reflective effect printed on the heel of the shoe. It forms a full-angle reflective effect with the shoelace. It is more likely to cause the front and back vehicles to pay attention when running at night.

Mijia Sneakers 4

In general, although the price of Mijia Sports Shoes 4 is only less than 200 yuan, the entire shoe is full of popular design elements, a three-dimensional high-elastic flying woven upper + a newly upgraded fishbone locking system + ETPU midsole + uni-moulding one-piece soles, Microban antibacterial deodorant insoles, and the shoes can be put into the washing machine. This can’t be done in time for branded sports shoes.

Mijia Sneakers 4

We can also say that the Mijia sports shoes 4 are not worse than the first-line sports brands such as Nike and Adidas. If you have a plan to buy sports shoes, you may wish to try Mijia Sports Shoes 4.

Pros: affordable, excellent workmanship and style at the same price

Cons: Compared with the previous generation, there is no smart module; the sole of the foot is not as soft as that of the Adidas Ultra Boost; the white outsole is not resistant to dirt; there is no female model; it is not suitable for winter wear.

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