Redmi K30S Ultra

Redmi K30S Ultra Review: True Flagship At A Low Price

Since Redmi released the first K30 5G in the K30 family series at the end of last year, the K30 line has continued to grow in the past year. Now, there are up to 5 models available for purchase. The Redmi K30 Ultra, which was released not that long ago, doesn’t perform very well. The number of pre-ordered units in Jingdong is still 100,000+. In order to welcome the arrival of Double Eleven, Redmi once again prepared a surprise for the majority of Mi fans – the Redmi K30S Ultra. Compared with the extra ‘S’ in the K30 Ultra, it’s quite interesting to learn about its differences.

Redmi K30S Ultra Design

The Redmi K30S Ultra comes with a 6.67-inch 2400X1080 resolution screen on the front. Of course, we know that in terms of quality, AMOLED material is way better than LCD. In many other aspects, such as price, the latter is more preferable. This time, the Redmi K30S Ultra has decided to use an LCD display. The latter has a peak brightness of 650 nits, a refresh rate of 144Hz, and supports P3 wide color gamut, △E≈0.63. Agree that this display has flagship-level screen parameters.

Redmi K30S Ultra

Compared with the pop-up front cameras of many models such as the K30 Ultra, the Redmi K30S Ultra adopts the same hole-punch screen solution of the original K30. The camera hole is at a smaller level. So the front looks quite excellent, and it comes with an original film. Due to the physical characteristics of LCD, the chin is slightly wider than the AMOLED screen.

The Redmi K30S Ultra adopts a dual-speaker configuration. The top earpiece speaker area is integrated with the frame. It also comes with an infrared transmitter.

Redmi K30S Ultra

The bottom carries a Type C interface and super linear stereo speakers (HI-Res certification). They are coupled with the top earpiece speaker. So the Redmi K30S Ultra not only has a loud ‘voice’ but also has an excellent sense of space.

Redmi K30S Ultra

The upper part of the right side is the volume button, and the lower part carries the power button. It also integrates the fingerprint recognition module. There are no buttons on the left side.

Redmi K30S Ultra

The Redmi K30S Ultra has two color options: Interstellar Black and Moonlight Silver. This time we got the Interstellar Black version. Like the K30 Ultra, it does not use AG frosted glass. Instead it is made of shiny glass. The design on the back is very simple, with no words other than Redmi logo.

Redmi K30S Ultra

Although the visual perception of the glossy glass is very shocking, it is a ‘good’ fingerprint collector. After playing for a while, the back cover is inevitably full of fingerprints.

The rear camera part adopts a triple-camera lens module. Similar to the matrix camera design of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, it comes with a 64MP ultra-clear main camera + 13MP 123° super wide angle + 5MP macro lenses combination. So you don’t have to worry about the quality of the photos you take.

In general, the appearance of the Redmi K30S Ultra is similar to and slightly different from other members in the K30 family.

Redmi K30S Ultra Performance

If the Dimensity 1000+ on the Redmi K30 Ultra is considered to be a pseudo-flagship SoC, the Redmi K30S Ultra comes with the real flagship – Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor. In AnTuTu, it scores 647,076. So compared with the Dimensity 1000+, the Qualcomm chip has a substantial performance improvement of more than 20%, truly becoming a flagship.

This 144Hz ultra-high refresh rate LCD screen also provides three options of 60/90/144Hz refresh rate. You can choose between them, improving battery life.

LPDDR5 + UFS3.1 not only has a significant increase in theoretical operating speed, but also has a significant reduction in power consumption. In the actual experience, the installation and opening of the apps are faster and the power consumption is lower.

The well-received 360° ultra-light sensing technology on the K30 Ultra also appeared on the Redmi K30S Ultra. The screen brightness is adjusted by considering the front and rear brightness of the phone to avoid the inability to increase the brightness when the light sensor is on the front.

For the actual game experience, we chose Honor of Kings and ‘Peace Elite.

Before starting the game, we open the GAME TURBO game accelerator box that comes with MIUI and adjust the GPU to the highest performance.

At the same time, it provides functions such as performance enhancement and 5G optimization to help you play more smoothly.

We were able to play the Honor of Kings with no lags and the highest frame rate can reach 60 frames. Thanks to the powerful performance of the Snapdragon 865, the number of frames is very stable with almost no fluctuations.

In the Peace Elite, the hardware performance requirements are further improved, the special effects are also full, and the high frame rate mode is turned on. The number of frames is stable at 90, and the fluctuation is also not large.

Some Noteworthy Features

The X-axis linear motor used on high-end flagship models in the past also appeared on the Redmi K30S Ultra. The vibration feedback during gaming is more sensitive and the desktop vibration is more delicate.

MIUI is one of the reasons why many users choose Xiaomi. This time, MIUI 12 also provides a lot of brand new experience.

The first is the separated he notification bar from the control center. Slide down from the top left corner of the screen to open the notification center. And slide down from the top right corner of the screen to open the control center. This not only saves the trouble of a second slide but also solves the need to see all notifications.

A new simulation animation is added to the control center. Every time you click the switch button, the animation gives a real ‘press to go’ feeling.

In addition to various new dynamic effects, MIUI 12’s privacy protection is also more comprehensive. With the interception network function, apps can only obtain corresponding permissions when necessary, and can be opened and closed freely. It is directly prohibited to start recording in the background. The hidden mask can generate a virtual identity ID, allowing users to use the app with a one-time virtual identity to implement privacy protection to the end.

Full-featured NFC not only supports 300+ city bus cards across China but also transfers the physical card to the smartphone. So the balance is transferred to the smartphone simultaneously. With the door card simulation function, the access control and door lock can be opened by a smartphone.


Our protagonist comes with a 64MP ultra-clear main camera + 13MP 123° super wide-angle + 5MP macro lenses combination.

The main camera of the Redmi K30S Ultra supports four-in-one pixel technology. It can synthesize large pixels of 1.6μm. So it can also take more detailed photos in complex light environments.

With a 5MP macro lens, users can take very clear pictures at a very close distance of 2-10cm.

The night scene is also excellent. With the support of night scene mode and HDR, you can still take excellent photos even when the fiber is dark.

Redmi K30S Ultra Battery and Endurance

The Redmi K30S Ultra has a 5000mAh battery, which is 500mAh larger than the predecessor K30 Ultra. For the test, the screen brightness is set to half (auto brightness is turned off), and it is connected to WiFi to play the 1080P video. After half an hour, power consumption is only 4% (85%→81%). With 33W fast charging, it can charge nearly half of the power to the phone in 30 minutes.

The Bottom Line

The Redmi K30S Ultra and K30 Ultra together form Redmi’s Ultra family. The Redmi K30S Ultra is a ‘fan model’ tailored by Redmi to listen to the opinions of users.

Redmi K30S Ultra

Also, the Redmi K30S Ultra has a limited-time starting price of 2,299 yuan, which is only 300 yuan more than the K30 Ultra. However, for such a price, you will get a stronger Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chip, a larger 5000mAh battery, and a high refresh rate of 144Hz.

Regardless of the screen, performance, and battery life, it has a true flagship hardware configuration. If the K30 Ultra has no rivals at the same price point, the Redmi K30S Ultra will have only one opponent. It is foreseeable that the Redmi K30S Ultra will become another ‘crazy’ model on Double Eleven this year.

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