Xiaomi smart camera standard edition

Xiaomi Smart Camera (Standard Edition) Review

In the Internet age, the rise of smart homes made many companies revise their strategy. Not accidentally, Xiaomi has become the leader of smart homes in China. The Xiaomi Mijia platform supports a wide range of equipment, including lighting, kitchen and bathroom, entertainment, security and other categories. Recently, Xiaomi released a new security device “Xiaomi Smart Camera (Standard Edition)”, which supports 1080P high-definition picture quality, 170-degree ultra-wide-angle, IP65 dust and water resistance, infrared night vision without red dot, magnetic installation, remote control, intelligent linkage, etc. So we decided to review this camera.

Xiaomi smart camera standard edition

Xiaomi Smart Camera Design

The Xiaomi smart camera (standard version) comes in a packaging with the minimalist white design used by Xiaomi or Mijia. The front shows the look of the camera, and the back carries the parameter introduction. Inside, it carries a full set of factory accessories including the camera, magnetic base, power adapter, power cord, wall sticker, reminder card, and manual. The total length of the power cord is about 1.8 meters, which can have a richer space for movement during installation and will not be restricted by the wire.

Xiaomi smart camera standard edition

The camera has a simple and elegant white body, which has a hemispherical design, allowing you to easily control various home environments. The front hosts the lens, status indicator, microphone, while the back carries the speaker hole, magnetic area, power cord.

Xiaomi smart camera standard edition

In addition, there is a hidden switch in the magnetic area. After buckling, you can put the SD card. The maximum support volume is 32GB. The Xiaomi smart camera uses the combination of SD card storage + Xiaomi cloud storage. On the right side of the SD card slot is the Reset hole.

Xiaomi smart camera standard edition

In fact, Xiaomi smart cameras are the easiest to install. There is a magnetic design between the camera, the base and the wall sticker. Just stick the wall sticker on the refrigerator, glass, roof, corridor entrance, etc., then attach the base to the wall sticker, and then attach the camera, placing it on the base. It may even be mounted directly upside down, just like a chandelier.

Xiaomi smart camera standard edition

Users can adjust the angle arbitrarily according to their own needs, and can remove the base from the wall sticker at any time and use it in desktop placement mode. In addition to convenient installation, the security protection of the camera is also in place. The whole machine supports IP65 dustproof and waterproof. And it is also fearless to install in garages, gardens and other outdoor places.

Xiaomi smart camera standard edition

Functions and Performance

After the installation is complete, connect the camera to Mijia app. After connecting to Mijia app, you can use Xiaoai voice control, remote control, and intelligent linkage. Once the camera is powered on, the device will be automatically discovered by opening the Mijia app. If it is not automatically discovered, click the “+” sign in the upper right corner to search for the device, and then scan the code according to the prompts to complete the network configuration. The camera can also be shared with other Xiaomi users as required.

The Xiaomi smart camera supports 1080P high-definition picture quality, and the highest frame rate can reach 20FPS. Under the 4G mobile network, it only takes 2 seconds to open the video remotely and the loading is complete. After entering the screen, the remote screen can be synchronized in seconds with almost no delay. In addition to the smooth video, the 1080P picture quality also brings high resolution, and the hangings on the walls and the text on the clothes are clearly visible. This is still commendable. In addition, the camera is equipped with a 940nm infrared fill light. Although there is no red dot for night vision, the noise and image transparency need to be optimized.

In order to make up for the frame loss caused by a fixed point, the camera is equipped with a 170-degree ultra-wide-angle lens. So the entire living room has a panoramic view. Compared with “Xiaomi Mijia Smart Camera-PTZ Version”, the picture above is a 170-degree ultra-wide angle, and the picture below is the vision of Mijia PTZ camera. We can see that the screen of Xiaomi smart camera is much larger and you can see broaded vision and details. Especially for self-built houses, a 170-degree ultra-wide-angle camera installed at the door is more practical than a normal pan-tilt camera.

Xiaomi smart camera standard edition

The Xiaomi smart camera supports AI pedestrian tracking technology, and the housekeeping assistant needs to be turned on in the camera control panel. We can see that in the two categories of human movement and human face, all images of people are pushed, and no images of light changes are found. The accuracy is still quite high.

The camera also support “full-duplex voice call”. The receiving voice and sending voice can be performed at the same time. Under the 4G network, there is no obvious noise, whistling or echo when talking with the camera at home, just like talking through a smartphone, and the video screen can be seen on the smartphone.

The reason for choosing Xiaomi’s smart hardware is that in addition to the outstanding performance of the device itself, the biggest motivation is smart linkage. Due to the limited equipment at home, this issue will simply share two sets of linkage examples. The camera will automatically turn on when you go home and automatically turn on when you sleep.

Example 1: Camera + door lock; realize automatic dormancy of the camera when going home

Open the Mijia app to create a smart scene; the condition is set to Mijia smart door lock-any fingerprint unlocking; the execution result is set to the camera sleep. Setting fingerprint unlocking is to judge people entering the house from the outside. If you set the lock to unlock directly, you will open the door from the house and leave the camera to sleep, which is not safe.

Example 2: Wireless switch + gateway + camera; after one key turn off the light, the camera will be turned on automatically

Create smart scenes, set conditions, choose one click, double click, or long press on the wireless switch; the execution result is set to camera-wake up, and then set a delay of 5 seconds before turning off all lights. The effective time depends on your own schedule, try to avoid touch by mistake. If you don’t have a gateway or wireless switch device at home, you can set it to timing mode, and automatically turn on the camera and turn off the lights when the point is reached.

In addition to the functions mentioned above, the Xiaomi smart camera (standard version) also supports picture-in-picture preview. If an SD card is inserted, time-lapse photography can also be turned on. Personalized voice can be set, and it will broadcast when someone moves.


On the whole, the Xiaomi smart camera performed well, with a high-value body, magnetic quick installation, 1080P high-definition picture quality, 170-degree ultra-wide angle, and support for Mijia remote viewing, voice intercom, and smart linkage. The price of 99 yuan ($15) is very cost-effective.

However, there are some shortcomings. First, the infrared night vision noise needs to be optimized, and the switching speed between night vision mode and normal mode needs to be improved. Second, there is no WDR (wide dynamic range). Third, that there is no low-light full-color. When the light is dim, it is directly switched to infrared night vision.

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