Xiaomi Water Purifier Review – Why Are They The Best?

Xiaomi has come a long way since they released their first smartphone back in 2010. Now, they are known not just for their smartphones but also for a wide range of products in the smart home market, such as home security cameras, air purifiers, smart water purifiers and many more. We reviewed the Mi Smart Water Purifier, explaining many of the features it offered. It has been nearly a year now since we started using the water purifier for our workplace. And here is our review.

Xiaomi Water Purifier Design

Typically, for their smart home products, Xiaomi has a clean, industrial look in white color, and that is the case here with Mi Smart Water Purifier too. Its exterior is made out of high-quality plastic that is sturdy. And also it has a nice feel to the touch. Thanks to its matte finish, scratches are not easily visible and if it collects any dirt. It makes cleaning it very easy with a slightly damp cloth.

Right off the bat, we noticed that the Mi Smart Air Purifier features a compact form factor that doesn’t take up too much space. It has a sleek design with rounded corners that add to its aesthetics. And also in case you have a modular kitchen set up, it won’t mar its overall look or stick out like a sore thumb like most traditional water purifiers. Constructed from tough ABS plastic, the Mi Smart Water Purifier’s build quality seems to be just about average. However, one need not be too worried about damaging the device as it is expected to be wall-mounted at all times and Xiaomi can send a technician to install the product on request.

An irksome element of the Mi Smart Water Purifier is the color it comes in. It is available only in a White color variant, which attracts dirt and smears quite easily. This is similar to the Mi Body Composition Scale . The dust and dirt you can  remove by vigorously scrubbing the exterior with a damp cloth. The device’s output water valve adds to the water purifier’s aesthetics but it is also not designed well since flipping it too fast can cause minor water splashes. However, this is us nitpicking since most of these things are not any major issues.

Water Purifier

In line with its minimalistic design language, the Smart Water Purifier mostly only has clean straight panels with soft curves at the edges. There are only two buttons on the front  Switch and Reset. In addition beside them are two LEDs, one for the Wi-Fi status and one to indicate the quality of the filters. And both the water inlet valve and outlet valve are at the bottom panel. That makes it easy to connect/disconnect if needed. Overall, the design has held up well, fitting perfectly fine in our office environment. And we are sure it will be great for most home.

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