Xiaomi Water Purifier Review – Why Are They The Best?

Water Purifier Other Features

Another good aspect for the water purifier is the ease at which you can change the filters if needed. Usually to change the filters, you would need to call a technician but with the Mi Water Purifier, it’s a simple 30-second process for each filter. Simply open the front panel, twist to unlock the old filter, place the new filter and twist in the opposite direction to lock it.

Xiaomi continues to sell replacement filters via their store for the same price as before — Rs. 1299, Rs. 1799 and Rs. 899 for the PPC, RO and PAC filters respectively.

For water storage, it has a reasonably sized 7-liter tank built-in on the upper side of the body. Accessing it is very easy via a panel on the top of the device, giving us an easy way to clean it from time to time, although to be honest, we didn’t feel the need to do that. The water purifier would also turn on the UV light in the tank every 4 hours. It kills and prevent any micro-organism growth, keeping the tank clean.

The Mi Home app is very easy to use and through it, you can quickly access important information that you want from the water purifier. The app also shows the amount of water purified every day, week or month along with TDS levels as a way of helping you keep track. There is an option to update the firmware, however there was no new update released during our usage. Another point to note is that while it is a “smart” water purifier. So you can use it without the app as a regular water purifier. And obviously, its maximum functionality you can only achieve with the app.

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